Sea Gypsy Mk2

Joel Fitzgerald Surfboards

The Sea Gypsy Mk2, designed and tested in Australia during one of the most memorable surf seasons of all time is a mid-length single fin with hot rod upgrades. Modifications have been made to width and outline, pulling in the tail and lowering the rail for drive and hold, combined with subtle rocker, slight vee entry and, spiral vee out of the tail for manoeuvrability.

The Sea Gypsy has always been one of our favourite designs in Joel Fitzgerald's surfboard range. Its versatility has been welcomed from beginners to experienced surfers alike. The new version, the Sea Gypsy Mk2, takes us to another surfing dimension. Still riding as a single plus side bite or a straight single fin. Built for the ultimate amount of fun, paddle power and speed! 

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6.75" Single Fin + Sidebites ( 6'0 - 7'0 in Length
7.00" Single Fin + Sidebites ( 7'0 -  8'0 in Length )
7.25" Single Fin    ( 8'0 - 9'0 in Length  ) 
KF7" Single Fin + 2.4" Side Bites
Custom Sea Gypsy Mk2: Handcrafted To Order
Slight Vee with Spiral Vee out of the tail.
Tail shape: 
Area pin
Manufacturing Lead Time: 90 Days
Shipping: Australia 3 - 5 days, International 5 - 7 days. 🚚