Cosmic Twin

Joel Fitzgerald's Cosmic Keel Fin Fish

Joel Fitzgerald's Cosmic Twin is about catching imagination.




The Cosmic Twin is the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and every wave in between. A progressive mid-length twin fin that can be surfed between the sizes of 7'0 to 8'0, designed with a flat bottom into a double barrel concave through the keels for speed.

With plenty of paddle power without getting too heavy the Cosmic Twin can double as your keel fin fish for smaller surf when you're looking to fly past flat sections, as well as the bigger days when you need more volume, but still, want to be able to duck dive and get a few.

Surfed and tested in Indonesia and Australia it's time to wash the dust off and get some salt in the veins


Bottom: Flat to Double Concaves
Tail Options: Swallow Tail
Recommended Fins: Keel Twin Fins



Cosmic Twin Fin Surfboard

The Cosmic Twin adds another dimension to your surfing.



5 Stars

The free feeling of the water running through the keels on the Cosmic Twin definitely caught my imagination during my last trip to Indo, and it was one of my favourite boards on the trip. A big thanks to all the boys who worked hard to get the foil on the keels, not to mention excellent the glassing, and sanding. Joel Fitzgerald

Keep an eye out for the new film by @jimmyjazzjames to check out footage of Joel Fitz surfing the board.

Joel Fitzgerald shaping the Cosmic Twin Fin surfboard

Handmade to order within 4 weeks


Recommended Dimensions

Length Width Thick Volume
6'6 20 2'1/2 34.99
6'8 20'1/2 2'9/16 37.98
6'10 20 3/4 2'5/8 40.39
7'0 21 2'5/8 41.9
7'2 21 1/8 2'11/16 44.04
7'4 21 1/4 2'3/4 46.46
7'6 21' 1/2 2'3/4 48.13
7'7 21'1/2 2'7'8 50.74
7’8 21'3/4 2'7/8 52.04
7'10 22 3 55.92
8'0 22'1/4 3'1/8 60.2