About Joel Fitzgerald

Surfer and Shaper Joel Fitzgerald takes us on a journey though the process of making a surfboard. From shaping, glassing, finning and finally surfing the boards. Joel shares his take on how it's all done.


Born and Raised


Joel Fitzgerald was born and raised on the Northern Beaches of New South Wales, Australia. He is the son of Terry Fitzgerald master craftsman and founder of Hot Buttered Surfboards. Joel grew up in the HB shaping bay, and learned to surf fine-tuning his style at North Narrabeen Beach alongside his brothers.


Freethinker and artisan Joel is a soul surfer, known amongst his respected peers and fellow shapers as an innovator and talented surfboard craftsman. Currently residing in Lennox, a stones throw from Byron Bay Joel has spent a lifetime in the surfing industry, travelling the world as a professional surfer/shaper and enjoys creating wave riding crafts for ocean-loving folk.


With single fin and twin fin design in his veins, and a lifetime of experience Joel crafts each board with precision and care combining both progressive and subtle design elements to maximise fun, paddle power and speed


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Joel Fitzgerald has developed his surfboard designs with years of testing and shaping, drawing inspiration from some of the most experienced shapers in the world such as Dick Brewer and Terry Fitzgerald.

Joel Fitzgerald and Dick Brewer