Manufacturing Lead Time

Surfer and Shaper Joel Fitzgerald takes us on a journey though the process of making a surfboard. From shaping, glassing, finning and finally surfing the boards. Joel shares his take on how it's all done.


Joel Fitzgerald Surfboards handmade to order.  

Manufacturing Lead Time: 3 Months


Once you place your surfboard order online, your order is carefully reviewed and confirmed via email. Your surfboard will then be HANDMADE as it goes through each manufacturing stage, for example, hand-shape within the first month. Fin, artwork, glassing during the second month. Sanding and finally quality control during the third month, before being delivered to your door. 

PLEASE ALLOW FOR DELAYS, our surfboard blanks are also handmade which means orders over 6'8, or orders that include Triple Stringers can ad 2 WEEKS to the manufacturing lead time.

COVID. Covid also adds a level of complexity in regards to lockdowns and supply. In some cases, lead times can get stretched due to unforeseen circumstances. Still, the team's number one focus is quality, and with their experience, the team always deliver the best surfboard they can. 

When your surfboards passes final sand and quality control your order is then ready to be shipped. Your surfboard is packed in line with our packaging policy and your address is printed on the packaging and collected from us personally. We will email you shipping details containing what you have ordered, where it is going, as well as the tracking number and a link to the carrier's site so that you know where your surfboard is at all times.


Contact us at any time.


Feel free to contact us at any time during the manufacturing period. We are always happy to let you know what stage of the process your surfboard is at.



Safe shipping lead time.


Depending on where you live shipping lead time may vary. 1 - 3 days for the East Coast of Australia, 3 - 5 days for Southern and Western States of Australia, 5 - 7 days for International Shipping 



Joel Fitzgerald Surfboards Manufacturing Lead Time