Temples Twin

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2024 Custom Orders
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The Temples Twin by Joel Fitzgerald has been tuned to surf fast as your all-around surfboard at your local point or beach break and on surf trips to some of the most popular surfing locations in the world, such as Indonesia, Mexico and Morocco.

With fun-sized swells and long fast walls in mind, the Temples Twin runs deep with Joel Fitzgerald's unique design trademarks. Deep swallowtailmedium-full rail, subtle rocker for early entry and paddle power combined with a double barrel concave that starts through the belly and of the board running out through the fins, igniting frightening speed from the first bottom turn.

Everything a surfer needs in an all-around craft to catch more waves and have a blast in the water! Surf with a straight twin fin set or with the Fitz Twin Fin + Rear Stabiliser.

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FiTZ Twin Fin + Rear Stabiliser or,
Fitz Quad Fin Set
Joel Fitz Twin Fin + Rear StabiliserFitz Quad Fin Set
TEMPLES TWIN: Handcrafted in Australia
Tail: Wing Swallow Tail
Rail: Medium-Full
Bottom: Double Barrel Concave
Lead Time: 65 - 90 Days *Subject to change

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