Q and A's From Joel Fitzgerald Surfboards

Joel Fitzgerald Surfboards Handmade in Australia

At Joel Fitzgerald Surfboards, here are the four main questions we are asked regarding our surfboard manufacturing and delivery.

Why are our lead times 60 - 90 days!

Demand for our boards has increased 300% over the last eight to twelve months, this means lead times are stretched. The main thing is keeping the quality and that's why we have made the decision to build boards with the same small team. This means Joel's boards are still going through experienced hands in production, and the quality has remained the same. 👍


Are our surfboards handmade locally? 🖐

Not only do we manufacture in Australia our materials and supplies are also local. For example, our surfboard blanks are handmade nearby, as soon as we receive orders we arrange to pick up the blanks, they are then cut, hand-shaped and placed straight into lamination. More info.


Logistics and shipping? 🚚⚡️

Australian, NZ and US Governments have all committed to keeping logistics and shipping lines open. Even with COVID and North Coast Floods we have been able to continue shipping Australia wide as well as internationally without any significant delays.

Shipping details are also provided as boards are shipped so you can easily track your surfboard delivery to your door. More info.

Joel Fitzgerald Surfboards Handmade In Australia

Do we have any local retailers?

We will continue to support our local retailers as best as we can and in 2022 some our best models such as the Cosmic Twin and Space Hawk will be available at select surf retailers. Visit one of our stores pull one of our boards out of the racks and see how she feels.  Store locations. 👈


Need help with your order?

⚡️ CONTACT US ⚡️ and feel free to ask us any questions. Keep in mind we are a small team and will do our best to get back to you as soon as we can.


Keep surfing and stay healthy. 🏄‍♂️
Kye and Joel Fitzgerald
Joel Fitzgerald Surfboards

Joel Fitzgerald Surfboards Handmade In Australia