Sample 6'10 Temples Twin

Joel Fitzgerald Surboards

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The Temples Twin by Joel Fitzgerald has been tuned to surf fast as your all-around surfboard at your local point or beach break and on surf trips to some of the most popular surfing locations worldwide, such as Indonesia, Mexico and Morocco.

With fun-sized swells and long, fast walls in mind, the Temples Twin runs deep with Joel Fitzgerald's unique design trademarks. Deep swallowtailmedium-full rail, subtle rocker for early entry and paddle power combined with a double barrel concave that starts through the belly and of the board running out through the fins, igniting frightening speed from the first bottom turn.

Everything a surfer needs in an all-around craft is not your stereotypical shortboard to catch more waves and feel confident in the water!

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Temples Twin: Handcrafted in Aus
Dimensions:  6'10 x 21 x 3 @ 45.65
Lamination: Standard Strong (6 x 4oz Deck, 4oz Bottom)
Fin System: Twin Fin + Rear Stabiliser (Futures) 
Colour Artwork: Calliper Deck, Fade Bottom (Burnt Orange Yellow
Logo: Owl Logo (Black)