Space Hawk

Joel Fitzgerald Surboards

The Space Hawk by Joel Fitzgerald is a classic TWIN FIN surfboard that holds single to double barrel concaves plus a little extra foam through the nose to pick up waves fast. Designed with an aggressive rail foil through the tail and a pulled in wing swallowtail the Space Hawk also manoeuvres quickly and easily while surfing the face of the wave at high speeds.

Joel Fitz worked with surfer/artist Ozzie Wright to create this outrageously fun surfboard which is perfect for surfers who are looking for an exciting twin with a difference, ready to make the most of small punchy waves as well as 3 - 5 feet perfection.

Surf the Space Hawk as a Twin Fin, or Twin Fin with Rear Stabiliser.

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Custom Space Hawk: Handcrafted to order
Bottom: Deep single to double barrel concaves
Tail shape: Wing swallow
Manufacturing Lead Time: 8 weeks *Allow 1 week for delays due to Coronavirus
Shipping:  Australia 3 - 5 days, International 5 - 7 days 🚚