Tomahawk 2.0 Quad

Joel Fitzgerald Surboards

In production ⚡️ Due for completion Oct 15th


The Tomahawk 2.0 is a premium short-wide performance surfboard. Joel Fitzgerald utilised the Tomahawk's classic outline and down-the-line DNA and combined it with shorter board design elements such as deep single to double concavemedium-full rail, slight wing hip, swallow-tail and combined Quad or Thruster fin systems. 

Now, one of our go-to performance crafts. Designed to drive through sections, surf fast, and add a little modern-day flavour to your surfing while keeping the paddle power and flow.

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Fitz Finz Quad Set

Fint Finz Quad Fin Set
Tomahawk 2.0: Handcrafted in Aus
Limited Availability: 5'6" -  6'2"
Lamination: Standard Strong (6 x 4oz deck, 4 oz bottom)
Fin System: 5 Fin System ( Futures ) 
Airbrush: Rail Spray
Logo: Owl Logo ( Black )