KYE FITZ 7.00" Single Fin

Kye Fitzgerald Concepts

Kye Fitzgerald's 7.00" single fin is a full base fin designed for glide, drive and power. This fin combines the rake in the tip with the wide base that works best in boards ranging from 6'8" to 9"0 in length. The hottest single fin in the space that can be easily surfed in a wide variety of waves, fun low energy beach breaks as well as perfect or challenging conditions.

Recommendation: Ideal for mid-length and single fins surfboards

Sea Gypsy  (6'8 - 7'6)
Sea Gypsy Mk2 (7'0 - 8'0)
Midnight Lightning  (7'0 - 8'0)
ML42 (7'0 - 9'0)


  • KYE FITZ 7.00" Single Fin, Plate and Screw.