Space Hawk

Joel Fitzgerald Surfboards

2024 Pre-Orders
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The Space Hawk by Joel Fitzgerald is a classic TWIN FIN + rear stabiliser surfboard that holds a deep single to double barrel concave for speed, plus extra foam under the front foot and through the nose to pick up waves fast. 

Designed with a full rail forward, aggressive rail foil through the tail, and a pulled-in wing swallowtail, the Space Hawk also manoeuvres quickly and easily while surfing the face of the wave at the highest velocity.

A versatile surfboard that is perfect for surfers looking for an exciting Twin with a difference, ready to make the most of small punchy waves and 3 - 5 feet perfection.

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FiTZ Twin Fin + Rear Stabiliser

Fitz Twin Fin + Rear
Space Hawk: Handcrafted in Australia
Limited Availability: 5'5" -  6'2"
Lamination: Upgrade Standard Strong (6 x 4oz Deck, 4oz Bottom)
Fin System: Twin Fin + Rear Stabiliser (Futures) 
Art: Rail Fade (Olive Rails Crystal Grey Centre)

Logo: Shapers Logo (Black)

Lead Time: 65 - 90 days *Subject to change