Cosmic Twin 'SW'

Joel Fitzgerald's Mid Length Cosmic Twin 'SW' is the shorter, wider version of the original. One of the fastest and most versatile twin-fin mids in beach breaks and point waves.


COSMIC TWIN 'Short-Wide'


Designed and tested in Australia for 2023. It will only take a couple of sessions on the Cosmic Twin Short-Wide Mid, and any beach break, lumpy point wave or perfect little zippers will become better than brilliant.

The subtle rocker and balanced foam distribution under the upper body, front foot, and chest will see early entry into waves all day long. Responsive when surfing on the medium to low rail, the deep swallow tail and twin fin system whips around perfectly and releases easily when pressure is applied in the pocket from the back foot.

All a combination of decades developing the ultimate rocker entry and flat bottom contours into spiral-vee through the fins for speed. One of the most modern and progressive mid-length surfboard designs by Joel Fitzgerald



Cosmic Twin 'SW' : Handmade in Australia
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Joel Fitzgerald Surfboards Cosmic Twin

Volume to paddle balanced foam distribution under the upper body, front foot, and chest will see early entry into waves all day long.



5 Stars
So versatile!


This is the first mid-length I have given a good go, previously surfing shortboards or short and wide fish for 20yrs +. This board has really surprised me with how versatile it is! It paddles like a dream, stroking into waves way earlier than I'm used to, and paddles back out for more really quickly. Getting more waves in a session is a great plus, especially for Sydney crowds.


5 Stars
Up-and-go speed!


The volume to paddle balance is great, as I can still duck dive it. Surfing it has been great fun too. The up-and-go trim speed, hold and easy turn off the tail make it very capable for the length that it is at 7'2". I've had it out in some larger surf and it still held its own very well with the low rails. I will probably swap it back for a shortboard when it gets a little suckier or bowlier, but for anything else its pretty irresistible at the moment. Lucky to get my hands on one early as it's been a one-board quiver since I've had it.


Joel Fitzgerald Surfboards Cosmic Twin SW


FiTZ Speed Keel Twin Fin

FiTZ Speed Keel Twin Fin

The FiTZ Speed Keel Twin Fin has a unique S-shaped template, providing drive and down-the-line speed out of the base of the wave, fast high lines around sections and loose snaps out of the lip. Suits short and mid-length fish-style surfboards and can be surfed at warp speed from 2 to 8 feet.



Cosmic Twin 'Short Wide' Handcrafted to Order
Bottom: Flat to Spiral Vee
Tail: Deep Swallow
Rail: Medium Low


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Length Width Thick Volume
6'3 20'1/4 2'5/8 36.99
6'4 20'1/2 2'5/8 37.96
6'5 20'1/2 2'5/8 38.47
6'5 20'1/2 2'3/4 40.16
6'6 20'3/4 2'3/4 41.2
6'6 21 2'7/8 43.45
6'7 21 2'7/8 44.02
6'8 21'1/8 3 46.67
6'10 21'1/8 3 47.86
7'0 21' 1/4 3'1/8 52.79
7'2 21'1/2 3'1/4 55.49