Dreamcatcher Keel Fin Fish


The ‘Dreamcatcher’ 2023 Edition by Joel Fitzgerald Surfboards is a KEEL FIN FISH updated with the wings higher, and deep swallow tail pulled in slightly for extra bite and drive. 

Already the ideal choice for medium or small surf now able to handle larger or more critical sections when needed.


About the Sea Gypsy

The Sea Gypsy, designed by Joel Fitzgerald is still the fastest and most fluid mid-length single fin surfboard on the market, that can also be surfed with a versatile side bite fin option

Ideal conditions includes beach breaks but also handles like a dream in clean point waves. Starts at 5’8″ and goes up to 7’6″. Perfect for the beginner, intermediate and stylish surfers drawing fast classic lines in 1-6 foot waves. 

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Sea Gypsy Worlds Fastest Mid-Length