Joel Fitz having a blast surfing his Dreamcatcher Keel Twin Fin Fish.




The ‘Dreamcatcher’ by Joel Fitzgerald Surfboards is a KEEL TWIN FIN FISH that is ideal in medium or small surf depending on your experience level. Great for catching and surfing low energy waves in beach-breaks and fun point perfection, the deep single to double barrel concave in the Dreamcatcher will carry you across any flat spot in the wave and gives you that extra agility to trim through sections with speed and style.


Designed with a deep swallowtail the Dreamcatcher also has a unique wing hip in the tail to give you that extra bite and drive needed on your travels surfing epic waves around the world.



Dreamcatcher: Handmade in Australia
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Dreamcatcher Keel Fin Fish

 The Dreamcatcher is now in-production from 5'4 - 6'2 with full resin tint colour options: Click Here



5 Stars

I had Joel make me a Dreamcatcher last year and it is the only board I have ridden since then! I live in the eastern suburbs of Sydney and ride it every time I surf. It paddles like a dream, is probably the fastest board I have ever ridden and adds a lot of excitement to every surf. 

Whether it's 1ft or 4ft this board is always my first choice. Dean


5 Stars

The stoke level with the Dreamcatcher is next level. My wave count went up a notch. Super fun twin with plenty of foam and super fast. Joel and the team have nailed it with this one. Jeff M.


Dreamcatcher Keel Fin Fish

Designed with a wing hip in line with the deep swallowtail, to give you that extra bite and drive needed in perfect waves.



Ozzy Hybrid Twin

Rainbow Hybrid Twin

The Rainbow Hybrid Twin finds that sweet spot between the drive and speed of a keel and the loose responsive feel of an upright twin. This fin has medium area and a flat inside foil, perfect if you’re looking to loosen up a traditional fish or to add some drive and speed to a fun-shape or performance twin. 



Dreamcatcher: Handcrafted to Order
Bottom: Single to Double Barrell Concave
Tail: Deep Swallow with Wing Hip
Rail: Full
Fin System: Twin


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Length Width Thick Volume
5'4 20 2'3/8 30.65
5'5 20'1/8 2'/716 32.29
5'6 20'1/4 2'7/16 33.07
5'7 20'3/8 2'1/2 34.28
5'8 20'1/2 2'1/2 35.38
5'9 20'5/8 2'1/2 36.22
5'10 20'3/4 2'9/16 37.51
5'11 21 2'5/8 39.36
6'0 21/1/8 2'5/8 40.61
6'1 21'1/4 2'11/16 42.65
6'2 21'1/2 2'3/4 44.31

Joel Fitzgerald Surfboards Dreamcatcher Keel Fin Fish Surfed By Ozzy Write

Ozzie Wrong taking his Dreamcatcher to another dimension.