ML Wing Pin Twin

"From the ashes The Phoenix will fly!" Joel and Ozzy have been sharing the "Wing Pin Twin" all this year, testing on the East Coast of Aus and Indo. Surf's so good Joel Fitz ran into a burning building just to save it. 🔥




The Wing Pin Twin design draws on decades of shaping and testing with Wing Pin Tail's first made popular in the early 70s by Dick Brewer, Gerry Lopez and Terry Fitzgerald, to name a few.

The wing allows the board to release between turns by shortening the rail length from nose to tail, this helps the board pivot in the pocket, as well as hold in critical sections by reducing the area of the tail under the back foot.

2022/23 Joel Fitzgerald has combined the Wing Pin design with a Twin Fin system, subtle rocker for paddle power and entry speed, medium rail, slight vee entry to concave spiral vee out of the tail for additional performance fin to fin. What is created? The Wing Pin Twin. A blast in smallish low-energy waves and a high-velocity barrel-hunting mid-length for when it's pumping!!



ML Wing Pin Twin
Handcrafted in Australia

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Win Pin Twin Fin
Ozzy Barrell Hunting  - Padang Padang


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FiTZ Speed Keel Twin Fin ✌️

Kye Fitz Speed Keel Twins
The FiTZ Speed Keel Twin Fins has a unique S-shaped template, providing drive and down the line speed out of the base of the wave, fast high lines around sections and loose snaps out of the lip. Suits short and mid length fish-style surfboards and can be surfed at warp speed from 2 to 8 feet.


Joel Fitzgerald Surfboards Wing Pin Twin




ML Wing Pin Twin
Handcrafted To Order
Slight concave with spiral vee out of the tail.
Tail: Wing Pin
Rail: Medium Low


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Length Width Thick Volume
6'4 20 2'5/8 36.26
6'6 20'1/4 2'5/8 38.05
6'8 20'1/2 2'11/16 39.95
6'10 20'1/2 2'3/4 41.91
7'0 20'3/4 2'3/4 43.57
7'2 21 2'7/8 47.09
7'4 21'1/4 3 50.01
7'6 21'1/2 3'1/8 54.83
7’8 21'3/4 3'3/16 57.64
7'10 22 3'3/16 60.01
8'0 22 3'1/4 63.33
8'8 22'1/4 3'1/4 70.62