Zi Mini Twin

Joel Fitzgerald Surboards

2024 Custom Orders
Close Sunday September 1st.

We are introducing the Zi Mini Twin Fin – the ultimate surfboard for riders seeking a blend of fun, speed, and paddle power in small waves. 

Designed by Joel Fitzgerald and built with Australian craftsmanship, the Zi Keel Fish offers a revolutionary surfing experience with its subtle rocker, area in the nose profile and twin fin setup, providing exceptional paddle power, speed and maneuverability, allowing you to pick up waves fast and glide effortlessly across the face of the wave.

Whether you're riding low-energy beach breaks or small point break zippers, the classic fish-shaped outline offers stability and smooth rides, while the concave and twin fins provide extra fun and responsiveness. Making the Zi Keel Fish the perfect companion for both seasoned surfers and beginners alike.

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Zi Mini Twin: Handcrafted to order
Bottom: Deep single to double barrel concave
Tail: Deep swallowtail with wing
Rail: Full
Lead Time: 65 - 90 Days  *Subject to change