The ZI Twin offers a unique surfing experience as it provides excellent manoeuvrability, allowing quick turns with smooth transitions. While the swallow tail is pulled in for added carve and drive, both the twin fin and quad fin systems generate less drag than a traditional thruster setup, allowing you to glide effortlessly across the face of the wave.

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The Temples Twin by Joel Fitzgerald has been tuned to surf fast as an all-around surfboard at your local point or beach break and on surf trips to some of the most popular surfing locations in the world, such as Indonesia, Mexico and Morocco.

The unique design trademarks include swallowtailmedium-full rail, subtle rocker for early entry speed and paddle power combined with a double barrel concave that starts through the belly of the board running out through the fins, igniting frightening speed from the first bottom turn.

Joel Fitzgerald Temples Twin Fin

About the Sea Gypsy

The Sea Gypsy, designed by Joel Fitzgerald is still the fastest and most fluid mid-length single fin surfboard on the market, that can also be surfed with a versatile side bite fin option

Ideal conditions includes beach breaks but also handles like a dream in clean point waves. Starts at 5’8″ and goes up to 7’6″. Perfect for the beginner, intermediate and stylish surfers drawing fast classic lines in 1-6 foot waves. 

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Sea Gypsy Worlds Fastest Mid-Length