Space Hawk

 The "Space Hawk" a classic TWIN FIN shaped by Joel Fitzgerald. Check out Ozzy Wrong having a blast, film by Jimmy Jazz song by Dead Moon.


About the Space Hawk

The Space Hawk by Joel Fitzgerald is a classic TWIN FIN surfboard that holds single to double barrel concaves plus a little extra foam through the nose to pick up waves fast. Designed with an aggressive rail foil through the tail and a pulled in wing swallowtail the Space Hawk also manoeuvres quickly and easily while surfing the face of the wave at high speeds.

Joel Fitz worked with surfer/artist Ozzie Wright to create this outrageously fun surfboard which is perfect for surfers who are looking for an exciting twin with a difference, ready to make the most of small punchy beach breaks, fun point waves as well as 3 - 5 feet perfection.

Surf the Space Hawk as a Twin Fin with Rear Stabiliser



Space Hawk: Handcrafted in Australia
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Space Hawk Twin Fin

Ready to launch into another dimension. Space Hawk power Twin Fin + Rear Stabiliser, surf with the Fitz Bros fins for maximum speed and performance. 



5 Stars

My First Twinny

Had a few surfs on my Spacehawk now and I’m having so much fun on it. First twinny I’ve ever ridden, it feels nice and loose but never feels like it will slide out and it goes like a rocket ship.

Super fun!! Thanks guys, great board. Keith B. Verified Buyer


5 Stars

The Interstellar Space Hawk

Got my Space Hawk 2 weeks ago and she's barely had a chance to dry off. Such a fun board in little 2ft grovellers up to overhead point breaks. As an intermediate surfer I really feel like *the space hawk has opened up my surfing to allow for more experimentation, trying new techniques and sticking them with confidence. Set her up on the face and she shoots across the section like, well, like a Space Hawk hunting its prey......

Warren K. Verified Reviewer


5 Stars
What it's about!


Man! Had the best barrels ever on the Space Hawk this morning. It was cooking me and one other fella out, got barrelled nearly every wave, couldn't believe it. The board went amazing!" 



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Joel Fitz Space Hawk

The Space Hawk is available with a variety of custom airbrushed colours, Space Hawk logo designed by Ozzy, handcrafted to order.



Space Hawk: Handcrafted in Australia
Bottom: Single to Double Barrell Concave
Tail: Wing Swallow
Rail: Full
Fin System: Twin + Rear Stabiliser



Length Width Thick Volume
5'2 19'3/8 2'3/8 27.99
5'3 19'5/8 2'3/8 28.89
5'4 19'3/4 2'3/8 29.11
5’5 20 2 3/8 30.01
5’6 20'1/8 2 7/16 31.09
5'7 20'1/4 2 7/16 32.15
5’8 20'3/8 2 1/2 33.61
5'9 20'1/2 2'1/2 34.41
5’10 20'5/8 2'1/2 35.21
5'11 20 3/4 2 9/16 36.41
6'0 20'3/4 2'5/8 37.78
6'1 20'7/8 2 5/8 38.91
6'2 21 2'11/16 40.21
6'4 21'1/4 2'11/16 42.32
6'6 21'1/2 2'3/4 45.11


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