The Tomahawks pulled in wing swallow tail combined with a slightly straighter rail line provides provides fluid drive and speed across the face of the wave, forehand and backhand. Designed by Joel Fitzgerald, surfed and tested by Ozzie: Photo Ellis



The Tomahawk can be surfed as a Twin Fin, Twin Fin + Rear or Quad. Designed for medium size reefs and more significant beach break days through summer and winter. The subtle rocker and the traditional '70s influenced rail line mixed with a flat entry to slight concaves and spiral vee provides fluid paddle power, speed and drive. Tested in Australia, Hawaii and Indonesia. The Tomahawk is the ultimate wing swallow designed to steer you through long and fast sections at high speeds. 

"You always need a Tomahawk in your quiver, you never know when you're going to need it."
Joel Fitzgerald




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Tomahawk: Handcrafted in Australia
Bottom: Slight Concaves to Spiral Vee.
Tail: Pulled In Wing Swallowtail
Rail: Medium
Fin System: Twin + Rear Stabiliser, or Quad


Handcrafted to order within 60 days 


Joel Fitzgerald Surfboards Tomahawk Twin Fin
Joel Fitzgerald Surfboards Tomahawk. Twin Fin, Twin Fin + Rear or Quad.

Surfer Ozzie: Photo Carey


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Joel Fitzgerald Surfboards Tomahawk Twin Fin


Recommended Dimensions

Length Width Thick Volume
5'10 19'1/4 2'7/16 30.35
6'0 19'1/4 2'1/2 32.09
6'1 19'3/8 2'1/2 32.71
6'2 19'3/8 2'9/16 33.6
6'3 19'1/2 2'9/16 34.67
6'4 19'1/2 2'5/8 35.61
6'5 19'1/2 2'5/8 36.91
6'6 19'3/4 2'11/16 38.29
6'8 20 2'11/16 39.81
6'10 20'1/4 2'7/8 44.08


Joel Fitzgerald Surfboards Tomahawk Twin Fin