FiTZ 6.25" Single Fin + 4.66" Sidebites

Joel Fitzgerald Surfboards

Kye Fitzgerald's side bites concept is designed for short to mid-length single-fin surfboards.

The configuration is ideal for surfers converting to single fins for the first time, or single fin enthusiasts looking to loosen up their favourite board for more versatility in a wider range of conditions. Similar hold and drive that you'd expect from your tri-fin with added single fin flow and speed. Best for smaller- medium-size waves in the 1 to 4-foot range.

Surfboard Recommendations: 

Short to mid-length single fins surfboards with side bite fin options, such as the Sea Gypsy (5'10 - 6'6 in length)


  • FiTZ FiNZ 6.25" Classic Single Fin, plate and screw.
  • FiTZ FiNZ 4.66" Side Bite Fin Concept.  (Futures Compatible)