Sea Gypsy

Dave Rasta surfing the Sea Gypsy at Sultans in the Maldives. Filmmaker: Sean Gilhooley from Indoonic. Music: The Babe Rainbow


About the Sea Gypsy

The Sea Gypsy designed by Joel Fitzgerald is a mid-length single fin surfboard that can also be surfed with a versatile side bite fin option.  The high-speed single to double concave bottom in the Sea Gypsy is one of the main reasons why this board is widely regarded as one of the fastest paddling and surfing single fins in the world. Developed and tested in Australia, Hawaii and Indonesia.

If you're looking for great mid-length/all-rounder for sloppy onshore beach breaks that also handles like a dream in clean perfect point waves. The Sea Gypsy is your board. Starts at 5’8″ and goes up to 7’6″

Perfect for the beginner, intermediate and stylish surfers drawing classic high lines in 1-6 foot waves. 



Sea Gypsy: Handcrafted in Australia
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Joel Fitzgerald Surfboards Sea Gypsy Mid Length Single Fin

Joel Fitzgerald Surfboards are handcrafted to order. Choose your own resin tints and lamination upgrades adding strength and performance to your board.


Sea Gypsy Reviews

5 Stars
7'6" Sea Gypsy - Excellent board!
Just arrived last week and been out 3 times. I got the Sea Gypsy as a step towards smaller boards from longboards. The description is super accurate as it is easy to paddle, but also provides a maneuverability I have never had before. I'm so stoked on the sea bird graphics and the extra lamination strength as I tend to dent boards with my heels quite easily. Brad on 4 Feb 2019


5 Stars

6'4" Sea Gypsy

Hey team, just wanted to say I love the board, it's freakin fast!! I've had 2 sessions on it so far, first one in 1.5 overhead clean point and the second one was small beach break 2-3 feet... it took a bit of an adjustment from my twin fin (6'3" @ 42l) but once you get a hang of it, it flies! It's so much fun! Love it! Mark M. on 14 Oct 2019


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Joel Fitzgerald Surfboards Sea Gypsy Mid Length Single Fin

The Sea Gypsy has a deep single concave under the front foot for fast entry speed into a unique double-barrel concave through the tail, helping the board manoeuvre rail to rail. Because the concaves are so deep the board surfs best with a single fin with side bites specifically designed to help the board tackle steep take offs as well as draw high-lines on the face of the wave.


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Our single + side bite fin sets are specifically designed for short to mid-length single fin surfboards.  Short upright templates with a slightly wider base, allows the fins to pivot in parts of the wave that other mid-length fins can't. 
FITZ 6.75" Single Fin + 3.66" Sidebites
Ideal for surfing waves in the 1 to 8 feet range.

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Sea GypsyHandcrafted to order
Bottom: Single to double barrel concave
Tail: Round area pin
Rail: Medium
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Length Width Thick Volume
5'8 19'7/8 2'9/16 32.09
5'10 20 2'9/16 32.89
6'0 20'1/8 2'5/8 34.15
6'0 20'1/4 2'11/16 34.97
6'2 20'1/4 2'11/16 36.03
6'4 20'1/2 2'3/4 38.5
6'6 20'1/2 2'3/4 39.48
6'8 20'5/8 2'13/16 41.67
6'10 20'3/4 2'13/16 43.02
7'0 21 2'7/8 45.65
7'2 21'1/4 3 49.27
7'4 21'1/2 3'1/8 52.02
7'6 22 3'1/4


Sea Gypsy Single Fin Mid