Easter: 4 Favourite Boards for April, May, June.

February 16, 2022

Easter: 4 Favourite Boards for April, May, June.

Here is a quick review of our four favourite surfboards that we must have, ready-to-go, for waves and travel, in April, May, June.



1. Space Hawk
Fast Beach Breaks, Fun Point Days
2 - 4 Feet

The best part about an excellent twin fin is the paddle power and fast entry speed so that you can pop up early and fly around the first section in no time. But, it's not easy to find twin-fins that can handle fast beach breaks and fun point days, for-hand and backhand, but that is what we love about the Space Hawk. 

Main Features Include aggressive rail foil in the tail combined with the slightly pulled in wing swallow tail allows the back foot to jam in the pocket, perfect for beach breaks, and the rear stabiliser gives just that extra drive needed on longer point sections: 

The perfect layup: Space Hawk
Lamination: Standard Strong (6 x 4oz Deck, 4 oz Bottom)
Fin System: Twin Fin + Rear ( Futures )
Fins: Tyler Warren Twin Fin Set + Rear Stabiliser
View:  Specs and Dims - Click Here

2. Tomahawk
Fast Beach Breaks, Perfect Point Days
3 - 6 Feet

We don't always need to surf a board with a tonne of rocker and curve so that we can watch sections race away from us? The Tomahawk's subtle rocker and classic straight rail line will help you fly through barrels, beat down, and conquer any section with long, blazing, high lines: 

The Tomahawk's Main Features Include classic influences; with the wide point slightly further forward, the rail line through the tail is somewhat straighter > This straighter rail helps bring in the drive and direction down the line

The Perfect Layup: Tomahawk
Lamination: Standard Strong ( 6 x 4oz Deck, 4 oz Bottom )
Fin System: Quad Fin or, Twin Fin + Stabiliser ( Futures )
Fins: Fitz Quad Fin Set or Tyler Warren Twin + rear
View: Specs and Dims - Click Here



3. Sea Gypsy Mk2
Perfect Beach Breaks, Perfect Point Days
4 - 8 Feet

The Sea Gypsy Mk 2 was designed during the epic East Coast Swells of 2020. The main benefit is the board was developed and tested right here in AUS. and fine-tuned to be the ultimate mid for perfect East Coast waves. Yes, this board is fun in any waves but comes to life when the waves are on, which is what we want.

Main Features Include Paddle power and entry speed, combined with a low rail foil to stay connected on the face of the wave. And an area pin-tail combined with spiral vee bottom for maneuverability, bite and hold in steep, fast sections. 

The Perfect Layup: Sea Gypsy Mk2
Lamination: Strong Lamination ( 6 x 4oz Deck, 6 oz Bottom )
Fin System: Single Fin + Sides ( Futures )
Fins: Fitz 7.00 Single Fin + 2.44 Side Bites
View: Specs and Dims - Click Here

4. Cosmic Twin
2 - 8 Feet
Lumpy Beach Breaks, Point Breaks Fast and Flat Sections

Yes, Autumn can bring great waves, but we still need to tackle big lumps on the face of the wave or a lot of wind. Joel Fitzgerald's Cosmic Twin beautifully designed mid-length built with incredible paddle power to reach any wave quickly, combined with a free, fast-flowing twin keel-fin system to glide over any section.

The Cosmic Twin Features Include a slightly lower rail that slices through bumps while the Triple Stringers help the board drive across the sections, no matter how much wind—one of the fastest boards in the Joel Fitz range. 

The Perfect Layup: Cosmic Twin 
Stringer: Triple
Lamination: Standard Strong Lamination ( 6 x 4oz Deck, 4 oz Bottom )
Fin System: Twin Fin ( Futures )
Fins: Keel Twin Fin Set ( Futures )
View: Specs and Dims - Click Here


Joel Fitzgerald Surfboards Cosmic Twin

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