Cosmic Twin 'SW'

Joel Fitzgerald Surfboards

In production ⚡️ Due for completion Oct 15th

Designed and tested in Australia for 2023. It will only take a couple of sessions on the Cosmic Twin Short-Wide Mid, and any beach break, lumpy point wave or perfect little zippers will become better than brilliant.

The subtle rocker and balanced foam distribution under the upper body, front foot, and chest will see early entry into waves all day long. Responsive when surfing on the medium to low rail, the deep swallow tail and twin fin system whips around perfectly and releases easily when pressure is applied in the pocket from the back foot.

All a combination of decades developing the ultimate rocker entry and flat bottom contours into spiral-vee through the fins for speed. One of the most modern and progressive mid-length surfboard designs by Joel Fitzgerald


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Cosmic Twin 'Short Wide' Mid: Handmade in Aus
Limited Availability: 6'5" -  6'8"
Lamination: Upgrade Standard Strong (6 x 4 oz deck, 4 oz bottom)
Fin System: Twin (Futures)
Airbrush: Clear 
Logo: Sea-Bird Logo (Blue Moon)