Joel Fitzgerald Surfboards

Minimum 35% Down

The ML42 is a mid-length single-fin surfboard that is the ideal paddle machine to catch waves fast and early. 

Affectionately described as the Sea Gypsy's leaner cousin, the ML42 has a rolled deck that carries plenty of foam in the middle of the board for the paddle, combined with a low foil in the rail and a pulled-in tail to help you stay connected to the face of the wave at high speeds. Coupled with a flat bottom entry under the front foot through to a spiral vee and concave out of the tail, the ML42 has a smooth, consistent ride in any condition.

Created by Joel Fitzgerald to draw beautiful lines with a subtle rocker and wider point forward, expect to trim past long sections of the wave at speed. ⚡️⚡️

Recommended Fins: ☝️
FiTZ 7.00" Single Fin + Side bites 
FiTZ 7.25" Single Fin
ML42: Handcrafted to Order
Bottom: Flat to Spiral Vee
Tail: Square
Rail: Medium Low
Lead Time: 6590 Days *Subject to change