ML Hull

Joel Fitzgerald Surfboards

2024 Custom Orders
Close Sunday September 1st.

Joel Fitzgerald's ML Hull is an amazing mid-length single fin for anyone who wants to go out, have fun, and prove that there are no limits to the kind of craft you choose—designed for speed, thrills and spills to meet the innermost limits of pure fun.

The entry rocker is flat and fast, great for longboarders transitioning to a more versatile mid in a shorter length and surfers looking for increased paddle power. The board also has a rolled deck to keep plenty of foam under the feet combined with a classic medium-low rail, perfect for that slicing-through-butter feeling. Then, the ML Hull breaks all the rules. Joel Fitzgerald adds his high-speed concave through the middle of the board and out of the round, square tail, so there is no way this board can't take off and fly! 

A classic board with speed for anyone starting to surf or, for the experienced guy or girl looking to keep the thrill of surfing going for as long as the sun shines. 

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ML Hull: Handcrafted to Order
Bottom: Deep concave
Tail: Round square
Rail: Medium Low
Lead Time: 65 - 90 Days *Subject to change