KYE FITZ 7.25" Single Fin + 2.44" Sidebites

Kye Fitzgerald Concepts

Kye Fitzgerald's 7.25 Single Fin + 2.44" bite is designed to be the one side-bite single fin option that you can combine in single fin surfboards boards ranging from 7'0" to 8'0" in length.

The side bites are small enough not to take away from the single fin glide, but still, just enough surface area to hold in the tail and drive through critical parts of the wave while taking late drops or pulling into the barrel.

Recommendation: Ideal for short to mid-length single fins surfboards with side bite fin options.

Sea Gypsy  (6'8 - 7'6)
Sea Gypsy Mk2 (7'0 - 9'0)
Midnight Lightning  (7'0 - 8'0)
ML42 (7'0 - 9'0)



  • KYE FITZ 7.25" Single Fin, plate and screw + 2.44" Side Bite Fins (Futures Compatible)