FiTZ 6.75" Single Fin + 3.66" Sidebites (FCS)

Joel Fitzgerald Surboards

Joel Fitzgerald's 6.75" Single Fin runs with the '70s influenced height and base proven over decades of surfing. This fin is designed explicitly for classic-style single-fin surfboards and is ideally combined with the short, upright 3.66 JF1 side-bites.

This fin setup will provide single fin glide with extra versatility to tackle various point break and beach break conditions. Ideal for surfing waves anywhere in the 2 to 8-foot range.

Surfboard Recommendations:

Short to mid-length single-fin surfboards with side bite fin options. (6'6 - 7'6 in length)


  • FiTZ FiNZ 6.75" Classic Single Fin, plate and screw.
  • FiTZ FiNZ 3.66" Twin Tab Sidebites (FCS Compatible)