Dreamcatcher, Space Hawk Comparison

December 16, 2021

Dreamcatcher, Space Hawk Comparison

Dreamcatcher, Space Hawk Comparison.

What are the best twin fin design details for the waves you surf?


The Dreamcatcher is Joel Fitzgerald's small wave specialist. The keel fin fish originated in Southern California, where the waves have low energy and a slow wave speed. Not always perfect for Australian waves that can break faster and quicker. 


What Joel has done with the design of the Dreamcatcher is built-in paddle power and entry speed in with the wide nose, flatter rocker, and full rail with concave, then redefined the shape with an aggressive rail foil and wing swallowtail. 


The wing hip shortens the rail line so the board can turn sharp in tighter sections, and the aggressive rail foil allows the board's tail to stay connected on the face of the waves at high speeds to prevent the board from skipping out.


These design tweaks have made the Dreamcatcher the perfect small wave weapon for any Australian beach break or point break, North Coast, East Coast, Southern States and WA. Best surfed with Keel Twin Fins


Dreamcatcher Specs and DimsCLICK HERE


Joel Fitzgerald Surfboards Space Hawk


The Space Hawk, another small wave specialist, was designed by Joel to suit the Australian surfer's mentality of attacking the lip. Not as much paddle power as the Dreamcatcher, with a little less area in the nose and a little more rocker, but still the same full rail, concave and aggressive rail foil 


The main difference is the pulled in wing swallowtail. Again the hip wing shortens the rail length so the board can turn tight in the pocket. The pulled-in swallowtail can be jammed harder of the bottom, of the top in more challenging waves up to the 4 feet range, surfed best with a Twin Fin + Stabiliser Fin System, which adds another step up in performance and versatility in Australia's beach breaks and points. 


Space Hawk Specs and Dims: CLICK HERE

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