6'4 Zi Twin

Joel Fitzgerald Surboards

IN-PRODUCTION: 1 Available
Ready to Ship: July 20th 🚚⚡️

The Zi Twin by Joel Fitz is built for thrills and versatility. This performance twin fin design has already become popular in Bali, where the board has been designed and tested for surfers of various skill levels, and for a good reason!

The ZI Twin offers a unique surfing experience as it provides excellent manoeuvrability, allowing quick turns with smooth transitions. While the swallow tail is pulled in for added carve and drive, both the twin fin and quad fin systems generate less drag than a traditional thruster setup, allowing you to glide effortlessly across the face of the wave.

Subtle rocker means added paddle power, allowing you to generate your entry speed and draw longer lines. If you are a surfer seeking a different riding experience, the ZI Twin is the one twin fin suitable for many conditions, including fun everyday waves and larger, more powerful swells.

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Zi Twin: Handcrafted in Australia

Size Available: 6'4 x 20' x 2'5'8's
Lamination: Upgrade Standard Strong (6 x 4oz Deck, 4oz Bottom)
Fin System: Twin + Rear (Futures) 
Colour Artwork: Airbrush Inlay (Burnt orange)
Logo: Shapers Logo (Black)