ROB MACHADO Twin Fin + Stabiliser


The Rob Machado Twin Fin plus Rear Stabiliser from FCSII offers the speed & turning freedom of a twin set up, with control added by an oversized stabiliser.


*Highly recommended for power twin surfboard designs such as the Space Hawk and Tomahawk.



  • Rob Machado (RM) template.
  • The stabilizer (centre fin) adds control whilst maintaining the freedom and manoeuvrability of a twin fin set up.
Compatibility: FCS II Fin System.
    HEIGHT:  5.19 
    BASE:   4.98
    AREA:  19.20
    FOIL:  Flat
    REAR HEIGHT:   3.81
    REAR BASE:   3.72
    REAR AREA:   11.03
    REAR FOIL:  50/50