GLASS 7'25" Single Fin + FUTURES Sidebites


The Glass Foil 7.25" Single Fin has a narrow tip for lively flex to loosen up your turns, combined with a medium width base that surfs well with a side bites fin option adding versatility to any mid-length single fin surfboard.

7.5oz fibreglass. Solid brass pin. Stainless steel plate and screw. Highly recommended for mid-length single fin surfboard designs such as the Sea Gypsy

Recommendation: Mid-length single fin surfboards with side bite fin options.

Sea Gypsy (6'6 - 7'6 in length)
ML42 (6'6 - 7'6 in length)
Hull ( 6'8 - 7'2 in length )


Glass Foil 7.25" Single Fin
Futures Sidebites