Joel Fitzgerald Surfboards

The Bombora is a classic log for surfing those hot summer days.

Incorporated in the design is a traditional style outline with a smooth flat rocker and 50/50 rails that cut through the face of the wave providing that unbeatable feeling of classic glide. Tested in most conditions around the world especially dream point breaks around 2 - 3 feet, everything blends well with the Bombora. Please note: *Every Fabric Inlay is different, giving the board a beautiful one-of-a-kind feeling.

Recommended Fins: ☝️
Glass Foil 8.5 Single Fin or,
Glass Foil 7.25 Single Fin with Side Bites.
Glass Foil 8.5 Single Fin7.25" Glass Single fin + Side Bites
Custom bombora: Handcrafted to order
Bottom: Single Concave in the nose, Vee through the middle and out of the tail.
Tail: Square
Manufacturing Lead Time: 8 - 10 weeks
Delivery: Australia 3- 5 days, International 5 - 7 days