USED 6'5 Barrell Finder

Joel Fitzgerald Surboards

Test Model: 1* Used a few times. Excellent condition, amazing board. Ready to ship.


The Barrell Finder is a premium high-performance surfboard. During Joel Fitzgerald's professional surfing career he was influenced considerably by performance shortboard designs and has combined his wealth of experience and years of R&D, to develop the Barrell Finder 

Our go-to performance craft, designed to travel everywhere you roam. Especially good !!!! for fast hollow waves and solid beach breaks.


Barrell Finder: Handcrafted in Australia
Dimensions: 6'5 x 19 x 2'1/2 :: 32.5Lts
Lamination: 4 x 4 ox deck, 6 oz bottom 
Bottom: Slight Single to Double Concave
Fin System: Thruster ( Futurers ) 
Tail: Area Pin