5'10 Tomahawk

Joel Fitzgerald Surfboards

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The Tomahawk is a classic twin fin for perfect days in summer or winter. The traditional outline from the late '70s mixed with modern concaves, subtle rocker and foil in the rails provide tonnes of speed and drive. Tested in Australia, Hawaii and Indonesia. The Tomahawk is the ultimate wing swallow twin fin designed to steer you through every section on every wave at high speeds.

For the braves and squaws of the sea! 'You always need a Tomahawk in your quiver, you never know when you're going to need it.'

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Mark Richards Twin Fin + Stabiliser


Tomahawk: Handcrafted in Aus
Dimensions: 5'10" x 19'1/2 x 2'7/16 :: 30.70L
Bottom: Deep single to double barrel concaves
Tail: Wing Swallowtail 
Lamination: Upgrade Standard Strong  (6 x 4oz Deck, 4oz Bottom)
Fin System: Twin Fin + Rear Stabiliser (FCS11) 
Colour Artwork: Clear
Logo: Owl (Black) 


Delivery:  Australia 3 - 5 days, International 5 - 8 days. 🚚