5'10 Dreamcatcher

Joel Fitzgerald Surfboards

In Production: 1 *Due for completion June 1st - 15th

The ‘Dreamcatcher’ by Joel Fitzgerald Surfboards is a KEEL FIN FISH ideal in medium or small surf, depending on your experience level. Great for catching and surfing low energy waves on beach breaks and fun point perfection, the deep single to double barrel concave in the Dreamcatcher will carry you across any flat spot in the wave and give you extra agility to trim through sections with speed and style.

Designed with a deep swallowtail, the Dreamcatcher also has a unique wing hip in the tail to give you that extra bite and drive needed on your travels surfing epic waves around the world.

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Dreamcatcher: Handcrafted in Australia
Dimensions: 5'10" x 20'3/4' x 2'9/16 :: 36.12L
Lamination: Upgrade Standard Strong  (6 x 4oz Deck, 4oz Bottom)
Fin System: Twin Fin (Futures) 
Colour Artwork: Full Airbrush (Mint) 
Logo: Owl (Black)

Delivery: Ships within 3 - 5 days of completion. 🚚⚡️