Sea Gypsy Mk2

Joel Fitzgerald Surfboards

Lead time 65 days.
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The Sea Gypsy Mk2 single fin mid, designed and tested in Australia during one of the most memorable surf seasons ever, is a mid-length single fin with slight step-up upgrades.

Modifications have been made to width and outline, pulling in the area pin tail and lowering the rail to medium-low for drive and hold, combined with subtle rocker, slight vee entry to concave and spiral vee out of the tail for manoeuvrability.

Perfect for short boarders surfing a mid for the first time, as well as surfers looking for a mid that will be fun in small waves but handle well in currents, bigger swells and on surf trips overseas.

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Sea Gypsy: Handcrafted in Australia
DimensionsLimited Availability: 7'0 - 8'0
Lamination: Upgrade Strong (6 x 4oz Deck, 6oz Bottom)
Fin System: Single + Sides (Futures)
Colour Artwork: Full Airbrush ( Lime )
Logo: Shapers Logo (Black)