Balsa Cosmic Twin

Joel Fitzgerald Surfboards

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The Balsa Cosmic Twin answers the ultimate question of life, the universe and every wave in between. A progressive mid-length twin fin surfboard designed by Joel Fitzgerald with a deep swallow tail and flat bottom into spiral vee through the keels for speed.

With plenty of paddle power and medium-low rail so as not to be corky, the Cosmic Twin can double as your keel-fin fish for smaller surf when you're looking to fly past flat sections in the wave, as well as on the bigger days when you need more volume, but still, want to be able to duck dive and get a few.

Handmade by utilising their incredibly strong and 

sustainable materials such as balsa wood and bio-based resin. Surfed and tested in Indonesia and Australia, the Cosmic Twin is ready to add another dimension to your surfing. 

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Cosmic Twin: Handcrafted in Indonesia
Limited Availability: 6'10, 7'2, 7'6
Construction: Balsa wood, bio-based resin, hollow core
Fins System: Twin (Futures)
Logo: JFSboards Logo (Black)