JOEL FITZ 6.75" Single Fin + 3.66" Sidebites

Joel Fitzgerald Surboards

Joel Fitzgerald's 6.75" Single Fin runs with the '70s influenced height and base proven over decades of surfing. This fin is designed explicitly for classic style single fin surfboards and is ideally combined with the short, upright 3.66 JF1 side-bites.

This fin setup will provide single fin glide with extra versatility to tackle a wide variety of point break and beach break conditions. Ideal for surfing waves anywhere in the 2 to 8-foot range.

Surfboard Recommendations:

Short to mid-length single fins surfboards with side bite fin options. (6'6 - 7'6 in length)


  • JOEL FITZ 6.75" Classic Single Fin, plate and screw.
  • JOEL FITZ 3.66" Side Bite Fin Concept.  (Futures Compatible) 

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