Zombie Island

Joel Fitzgerald Surboards

The Sea-Bird has landed on Zombie Island. 🧟‍♂️ 🌋 Designed with an outline that blows minds, the Zombie Island Twin Fin by Joel Fitzgerald and Ozzie Wrong is an all-round surfboard born out of a modern apocalypse.


With fun, crisp swells and offshore winds in mind the Zombie Island's deep  swallowtail, trademark Joel Fitzgerald medium-full rail foil, subtle rocker, flat entry to deep concave through the fins ignites frightening speed from the first paddle and bottom turn. Everything a surfer needs to hunt down more waves and run like a starved animal to get in the water every morning and afternoon.

Surf as a Straight Twin Fin, or
Twin Fin + Rear Stabiliser


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Joel Fitz Twin Fin + Rear Stabliser
Joel Fitz Twin Fin + Rear Stabiliser
ZOMBIE ISLAND: Handcrafted to order
Bottom: Flat to deep concave through the fins
Tail: Wing Swallowtail 
Rail: Medium-Full
Manufacturing Lead Time: 60 - 90 Days
Shipping: Australia 3 - 5 days, International 5 - 7 days 🚚


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