The Electric Acid Surfboard Test Starring Stephanie Gilmore (FULL MOVIE)

August 26, 2018 2 Comments

The Electric Acid Surfboard Test Starring Stephanie Gilmore (FULL MOVIE)

In this year's Electric Acid Surfboard Test 2019, 7x World Champ, and Stab's Surfer of the Year—Miss Stephanie Louise Gilmore is filmed surfing and reviewing 12 amazing surfboard designs. 

We just wanted to say thanks to the team at Stab for including Joel Fitzgerald Surfboards in the variety of surf crafts on offer, and, a special thanks to @stephaniegilmore for giving our little Space Hawk a run as well as providing a great comparison between our twin fin and MR's.

Enjoy the full-length clip.

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September 12, 2019




steven georgelos
steven georgelos

July 14, 2019

Wow Steph, blessed with a lifestyle that keeps ones soul in tune, watching surfers true to their profession, like Steph, being able to surf on different shapes / designs. Shapes of fibreglass that float is what surfing is all about and how you develop the particular shape that works, well that’s up to the craftsmen /artists that create these shapes. Whether they do what they are built for is up to each individual. I hang out to watch WSL contests, surf movies as I’m only a week end warrior (legend Terry Fitzgerald) quote from the movie Soul, “some guys only get to catch a wave and a bottom turn”, this is what keeps them going till the next time !!!. Stephanie’s movie is a great insight to how a handful of shapers creations are tested. Love surfing and everything that relates to it. I’m 59 now and I’ve been surfing since I was 17 back in the 70’s in Sydney. I’ve shaped quite a few boards for myself and support local shapers over the years both in Sydney and now Vicco by buying their boards because we need to keep the industry supported. So keep these type of movies happening, surfing is all about the ocean and to ride it’s power and hear it’s sound. Keep the soul feel happening and keep it close…Surf’s up and hang in there !!

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